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Gabriele enjoys the meandering pace of walking. It’s slow enough to explore her surroundings, whether it’s with her dog on the Harte Trail in her Winnipeg neighbourhood, or traveling through history by listening to the rambling memories of an old person, looking at faded photographs, books and archives, or visiting distant villages ravaged by time.

Her middle grade novel, Red Stone (Rebelight, 2015) is a re-publication of The Kulak’s Daughter (2009). The main character, Katya, is inspired by her mother’s scattered memories of childhood during the Stalin years. A sequel, Broken Stone (November, 2015) continues to explore Katya’s growing up years under the menacing shadows of Stalin and Hitler.

Gabriele wants to write the books she wished she could have read while growing up as an awkward immigrant in Winnipeg. She appreciates the power of imagination and of empathy and believes that fiction can open windows to the truths hidden amongst the facts.

Her books involved a lot of research, and she’d be delighted to share some of it with readers through discussion and visual presentations. Study guides are also available.

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