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Deborah Froese is passionate about stories. As the mother of three energetic and creative young men, she has no shortage of fodder. Deborah is the author of three books for young people and numerous non-fiction articles. She serves as the editorial director for Rebelight Publishing Inc. and the director of news services for Mennonite Church Canada.

All three of her books—The Wise Washerman (Hyperion Press, 1994), Out of the Fire (Sumach Press, 2001), and Mr. Jacobson’s Window (Peanut Butter Press, 2014)—have been short-listed for the McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award for Young People. Her YA novel, Out of the Fire, was shortlisted for the Canadian Library Association’s Young Adult Canadian Book Award and included on the American Library Association’s list of the Best Books for Young Adults, 2003. It also received a Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award (MYRCA) 2003 Honour Certificate.

Since 1996, Deborah has shared insights and experience about writing through school workshops and readings, and in various venues with adults who are interested in learning to write for younger audiences.

Reading and writing continue to fill empty pockets and corners of time.

“As a reader, I find that books add a measure of experience to my own life story. They open my eyes to other perspectives and share something of worlds I have never before encountered,” she says. “As a writer, that tells me I have a responsibility to recognize the direct and indirect power of words. When I write, I need to consider what I want to leave with readers.”

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