Web Links

Our personal websites:

Rebel Light Publishing—rebel light

Ink and Attic—christina m albig

Living Lunacy—suzanne costigan

Gabe’s Meanderings—gabe goldstone

Writing…and Other Life Lessons—jodi carmichael

Larry Verstraete-–larry verstraete

Story Matter—deb froese

Melinda Friesen—melinda friesen

What Next?—mary-lou driedger

Websites we recommend:

Promptuarium–the best site of story prompts and exercisesStack of magazines

Thesaurus.com – free, easy, necessary!

Writing World.com – An array of options for every style of writing

AgentQuery.com – Tons of information about publishing, literary agents and querying. On AgentQuery Connect you can even post your query for critique.

Helping Writers Become Authors – Blog of K.M. Weiland, who’s articles on writing well are concise and right on the money.

Writers Helping Writers – Home of the Emotion Thesaurus and many more amazing tools for writing.

Writer’s Digest – Physical and online magazine with fantastic articles

Nathan Bransford – more great advice




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