Resource Books

Books about writing are plentiful. Here are a few of our favourites to help you hone your craft.

wired for storyThe writer’s guide to using brain science to hook your readers. A fantastic read that gives insight into why some books move us and some leave us flat. Two thumbs up.
technique in fiction Technique in Fiction by Robbie Macauley and George Lanning is one of the best technical resources I’ve found, covering plot, character, setting, voice, POV, and so much more.
A must read! Writing Great Books for Young Adults by Regina Brooks is available at Chapters Indigo Online, and
The Anita cvzxcvzcvlogo When your characters get embarrassed, do they always blush or get red cheeks? Check out The Emotion Thesaurus for hundreds of different signals that our bodies give when feeling a variety of emotions. This is essential for giving our characters more depth. Available at Angela Ackerman‘s blog in PDF form or as a book from or
Learn how to keep your narrator at bay and let your characters show the story. Well written, clear, great examples and a quick read (only 60 pages). By Jill Elizabeth Nelson. Available at or



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