Writing Prompts

cmw3_d40_6244Writers can study all they want, learn the rules and learn the writing jargon, but the one true thing that will polish the quality of your craft, your voice, and your style is quantity.

In other words, practice–more & more & more.

Choose a phrase below and free-write any old unstructured nonsense that pops into your head. Serious, silly, soulish who cares. Write for 5, 10, 20 minutes or more without your editor-self to guide you. This is a free for all, free-fall, do or die mission. Go for it!

“Corny Lorny was a right old miser.” Finish story.
Devise a list of possible catchy children’s book titles using animals and actions.
This year the shelves got tired of having elves on them. Now the shelves are rampaging after the elves.
You enter a house, and everything in it starts with a B. Describe.
 Only you know where great Aunt Felicity’s jewelry is hidden.
 Write a paragraph about bananas where every sentence starts with the lettler L.
 Thanksgiving dinner explodes into fireworks
 A suma wrestler becomes a party clown
 Put these in a short story:carrot, mechanic, curlers, french baguette, skiing
 The Goblin & Ghoul community are afraid of YOU
 You get up in the morning and your clothing has formed poses around the house. At the table, for example, sits your bathrobe in your usual chair and your slippers are parked below it. Et cetera…
 Your keyboard sneaks sentences into your text that you didn’t type.
 Make a list of everything you are excited about right now. Tie it into a quick story about a ten year old boy name Sola.
 You are a silent and shy high school student who is forced to do an on the spot speech on graduation day in front of the crowd. You use this chance to tell your side of high school that you’ve kept to yourself all years.
 You and your pet switch bodies!
 A Tree falls on your house. What next?
 Describe your getaway from a crime scene.
 What does it really feel like to be a ghost?
 You are a goblin trying to blend into society.
 What is Harry Houdini’s secret fear?
 Create an experiment you would love to test but cannot.
 It was the day the moon fell.
 Death lurked in every door way with hell at one dark window.
 The eyes in the painting follow him down the corridor.
 I didn’t mean to kill her.
 What if our shadows were alive?
 Your character has problems with social phobia, and wants nothing to do with bad news
 What if there was no gravity?
 What if  there were no colors except white?
 Create  10 unusual fortune cookie predictions.
 The flower had a very unflowery smell. Like…
 The ghost was making  pizza on the mountain top.
 Create 7 pranks to play on the school bullies.
 Stonehenge is invaded. By whom or what?
 Create a crazy obstacle course.
 There’s a newly discovered disease called Pimlicondritus. Describe it.
 You wake up and find a llama breathing over you
 What would you find in a building shaped like an upside down pyramid?
 Combine these in a news article:street art, a moose, Grandpa Greg, and  parasailing
 A trap door in the Merry-go-Round leads underground to…
 Your friend has begun to count things all day. Buttons on a shirt. The number of times a teacher says, “So?” or any other thing that comes their way. Their eyes become glazed…
 Yoda clones have begun to teach in all the schools. How are the subjects and students affected?
 What does your mirror really think of you?
 “A suitcase full of Shadows”
  You have angered the Kraken.
 When I told her to make herself at home this wasn’t exactly what I meant.
 Mysterious Prints ‑ the final test of detective class
 Goats, sheep and chickens belong on the farm, not at the…
 The truth about the Lizard Incident
 Recess will never be the same since…
 The Prankster Strikes Again
 Invent the best dessert in the whole world.
 The lane was night-dark, even at noon.
 You inherit an old candy shop. What will you sell in it?
 Write about an obsessive-compulsive school bus driver.
 A politician under the bridge with a floating orb.
 Dining at a Chinese restaurant your fortune cookie reads: “I know what you did.”
Combine these in 1 free-write:
A yellow raincoat;  fresh applesauce;  a grizzly mechanic;  a one-eared kitten.
 Forrest Gump once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.”    What is writing like?   Write a simile that starts with the phrase, “Writing is like … .”
Combine these in 1 free-write:
A fishing boat;    an old aunt;    14 blue candies;    ice cubes.
 Write a character who has an unnatural fear of foreign languages–Xenoglossophobia–and must travel to Tanzania.
 Why did the postman cross the road?
 In an auction you are compelled to bid on a strange object you know nothing about and win it.
Combine these in 1 free-write:
A hockey game;    an aging rabbi;    a mobile phone;    blustery weather.
 Write a curse detailing what you would do to someone if they stole some treasure of yours.
 What was the your favorite possession when you were a kid? Why did you love it so much and how did it affect your life?
“You know, Horace, you used to be a most agreeable young man. Whatever happened to you?”
“I’ve spent to much time around you, I suppose.”
But what was there to warn about, besides the fact that he glowed in the dark?   –
(Tamora Pierce)
 List your, or your character’s favourite smells.
A soldier carries a toy catnip mouse in his pocket. Why?
If you insist on feeding the ostrich, here’s something you should know…
Write about a haunted violin
“There’s a paper infestation in the city!”
“You’re stranded at a recluse’s home and find it’s loaded with unconnected sets of collectibles. What do you see?”
“There are noises in between the walls. What are they? What’s making them?”
“If men/boys carried purses, what would they keep in them?”
 Use all these in one story or paragraph: T-bone, Wish-bone, Back bone



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