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Jodi is the multi-award winning author of Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food and Other Life Lessons. Published in 2013 it garnered high praise and won a Gold Mom’s Choice Award, a Silver Moonbeam Award, and a Silver Ben Franklin Award.‎ Spaghetti is a chapter book about an eight year old boy named Connor who know everything in the world about dogs, dinosaurs, and math, but just can’t keep those facts to himself! Connor also has Asperger’s Syndrome and by the end of the day he saves the school from a furry legged intruder and feels like the king of Robert H. Crane!

Jodi’s second novel is Forever Julia, which was just released this spring, landing on McNally Robinson’ Bestsellers’ list for three consecutive weeks. Forever Julia is about a 16 year old girl who falls hard for the wrong boy. She slowly realizes that love and infatuation can turn dark. Fast. After betraying her friends and family, ultimately only Julia can decide what lines cannot be crossed. Forever Julia has been referred to as 90210 meets Mystic Pizza on the Canadian Prarires.

Forever Julia was featured in the Spring 2015 issue of Quill and Quire Magazine as part of an expose on contemporary teen literature that focuses on tough issues such as; relationship abuse and sexual assault.

Jodi will be relocating to Hertford, England in August 2015, where she will be completing her third novel; Ford and Ellie: Family of Spies and living the life of a full-time writer.

She will forever be an Anita member and will Skype in on meetings when possible!

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